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At Racer Websites, we try to make the process of creating a custom website as simple and smooth as possible. And we besides you answering a few questions, we handle everything for you. Please go through the steps below and make sure that you add both a setup and maintenance plan to your order.


Choose Your Website & Maintenance Plan

You need to decide if you want to have a single page site or a multi page site. Then choose your maintenance plan and Add to Cart. The page will re-load and you can move on to the next step.

Racer Website


One Time Fee For Setting Up The Site

Yearly Fee For Maintaining The Site

Run our decal all year and get a discount.

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Number Of Products You Want To Sell

If you are selling products, change quantity to total you expect to sell. If not selling do not add to the cart and go to step #3.

Single Product Setup


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Basic Information Form

This initial Basic Information Form allows us to know more about you and start getting some of the work on your website prepped behind the scenes.

Basic Information Form
Do you already own a .com domain name?
Which Social Media Accounts Do You Have?
Do you have your own logo?
Are you willing to spend ~ $250 to get a custom logo?
What are your main goals for your website? (check all that apply)
What series do you run? (check all that apply)


Go To Checkout

Please make sure you have completed all 3 steps before proceeding to checkout. After you complete checkout you will receive an email with additional information.


What Happens Next?

  • We Email Link For Website Content Form
    Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive an email with your receipt as well as a link to fill out your Website Content Form.
  • We Email You Estimated Time To Complete
    Within 5 business days of your purchase, you will receive another email from us welcoming you to the Racer Websites team and letting you know when we expect to complete your website.
  • Handle Doman Name & Logo
    If you do not already own a domain name or have a team logo, we will correspond back and forth to find a domain name and logo that represents your team well.
  • Website Content Form Review
    After you have completed your web content form, we will review it with you to make sure that all the content is correct and that we have what we need to build your site.
  • First Look At Website
    We will send you a private link that allows you to take a sneak preview you at your website. At this point it will be very close to complete.
  • Revision Process
    You will have the ability to request changes and modifications. This is your website and we will work hard to make sure you are happy with it.
  • Finalize & Publish
    Once you give us the green light we will publish your website to the world and work on getting you to show up in search engines with search engine optimization.
  • You Update Through Social Media
    Once your site is live, all you have to do to update it is to update your existing social media accounts. It’s that easy and will make updating your site easier than ever.
  • We Maintain The Website
    Racer Websites will do all of the maintenance on your website and ensure that the connection between your social media accounts and website stay connected.

Need Help?

If you had a problem filling out the forms on our site or would just prefer to get a phone call from us, fill out the form below. One of our representatives will give you a call within a couple business days and we can discuss everything together.

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