How It Works

At Racer Websites we try to make the process of creating, updating and maintaining a website as easy as possible. We understand that you may not be a computer person and this whole process can seem overwhelming, but we are experts in the field with 25 years of experience building websites and we will handle nearly every aspect for you.

What separates Racer Websites from other companies is the ease of updating your website yourself. We create a link between your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Then, when you post on your social media, something you are already doing, it will automatically add that content to your website.

To start the process of getting your own custom website, all you need to do is go to the Get Started link in the menu, answer a few questions and we will then guide you through the rest of the process. To get a more detailed idea of what happens after that point check out the process below.

Choose Your Website Type

The main choice you have is between a single page site or a multi-page site. Both site styles do a great job of delivering content so it really comes down to your preference and how much content you have.

In a single page site, all the content is on one page and is easy to scroll through on a mobile phone absorbing all your content without having to click. We still have a menu system built into the site but instead of opening a new page, it quick scrolls down to the content the user wants. And with the use of the Load More buttons, you can still expose a lot of your content to your fans and sponsors.

A multi-page site allows you to expand and show more detailed content because that page is dedicated to that specific aspect. A multi-page website is only recommended for those that create a good amount of content.

We offer an e-commerce option as well that allows you to sell your products online. There is a one time setup fee per product and an additional maintenance fee as there is significantly more work to maintain an online store. 

Racer Websites - - Making Racer Websites Simplified - Single Page Website

Single Page Website

Racer Websites - - Making Racer Websites Simplified - Multi Page Website

Multi Page Website

Racer Websites can get you setup to sell your own products

E-Commerce Add-On

Fill Out Content Form

Racer Websites - - Making Racer Websites Simplified - Basic Information FormOnce you finish the Get Started form and finish your payment, you will receive an two emails from us. The first will be an email welcoming you to the team and giving you a link where you will fill out the majority of your content. The second email will let you know where you currently are in our job list and an estimate of when we expect to complete the site.

This content form will ask you all the questions we need to have in order to build your website. These will be questions like who are your sponsors, what are your accomplishments and your biography section that will tell potential fans and sponsors all about you. This content form has to be filled out before work can begin on your website.

We Build Your Website

Racer Websites - We build facebook driven websites custom tailored to drag racers and racers in generalOnce we begin work, it will take about a week to complete your new website. We will use all of the information you give us in the Content Form to build your website. This will get us to the point where we will have a good rough draft to show you.

At that point we will send you a private link so that you can look at an example of the site and also arrange a phone meeting to discuss any changes you may want to make. We will go back and forth until you are happy with the look and feel of your new site. Once you are satisfied we will publish it online and your new site will be live to the world.

You Update w/ Social Media

The beauty of having a website through Racer Websites is that most everything can be updated through your existing social media accounts. If you want to update your news, simply post on your Facebook or Instagram page like you already are. Want to add pictures to your photo gallery on your site? Simple, just add it to your existing social media and it will show up on your website the same day.

The only aspects that you will not be able to update through social media is your about section, sponsors and major accomplishments. For those you would simply use our customer contact form and we will have it updated in 5 business days or less.

Racer Websites Uses Facebook Social Media to update your website so you never need to wait for someone


Racer Websites Uses Instagram Social Media to update your website so you never need to wait for someone


Racer Websites Uses YouTube Social Media to update your website so you never need to wait for someone


Racer Websites Uses Twitter Social Media to update your website so you never need to wait for someone


We Maintain The Website

Racer Websites - Racing Websites Simplified & Easy - Maintenance Plan

There is a lot that goes into keeping a website maintained. Every day your website will be bombarded by hackers that automate the process of trying to break into your website in hopes to take control and ransom it back to you. Some of our sites block hundreds of IP addresses daily trying to hack in and requires the right knowledge and expertise to prevent.

Racer Websites will handle all of the maintenance that is required for your website. This includes maintaining the security protocols to keep your website secure, maintaining the website to stay up to date with current technology and maintaining the link between your website and social media. There is a lot of technical knowledge that is required to keep a website up and running and our 25 years of experience is there for you.

Ready To Get Your Own Site?

Pricing Guide

We have a very simple and straight forward pricing model. We charge a one time setup fee and then a yearly maintenance fee. We are also proud to extend a sponsorship to you and your team. Simply Run Our Decal and take $100 off of your yearly maintenance fee. To make things even better, we also have a program called Winners Get Paid where you can earn money off of your yearly bill by parking it in the winners circle.

Setup Fee

(One Time Cost)

The setup fee charged will be based on which style site you decide to have and how many products, if any you will sell on the site. This is a one time charge and you will not be charged a setup fee again unless you add another product down the road. This is the cost of actually building the website, creating all of the content that goes in it and then polishing it so it looks good and fits perfectly for your race team.

Racer Websites - - Making Racer Websites Simplified - Single Page Website

Single Page


Racer Websites - - Making Racer Websites Simplified - Multi Page Website

Multi Page


Racer Websites can get you setup to sell your own products

E-Commerce Add On

$100 per product

Maintenance Fee

(Yearly Subscription)

The maintenance fee is a yearly cost that will be charged once a year and the cost will be dependent on whether you are selling products on your site or not. This is where we at Racer Websites truly earn our keep by making sure your website stays up and running and secure. This yearly fee will be charged once you complete your initial checkout and will then not need to renew until 1 year after your site goes live.

Racer Websites - Racing Websites Simplified & Easy - Maintenance Plan



Racer Websites - Racing Websites Simplified & Easy - Maintenance Plan For Ecommerce



Sponsorship Opprotunities

Racer Websites Run our decal and get a discount on your website

Run Our Decal

$100 Off Per Year

One of the main purposes of having an incredible website is to help you gain additional sponsorship. So lets make Racer Websites one of your sponsors. All you need to do is run the Racer Website decal and you will get $100 off your yearly maintenance fee. Continue to run it each year and we’ll continue to take $100 off your bill each year.

We offer the decal in a black background dark theme as well as a white background light theme. When you complete your purchase we will send you a care package with your decals and you can request more by going to our Customer Contact Form.

Winners Get Paid!

$50 Off For National Win
$25 Off For Local Win

Ricky Bobby says “If your not first your last” and everyone loves to celebrate a win. Now that Racer Websites is one of your sponsors, we want to reward you financially for that win as well. We will knock an additional $50 off of your yearly bill for a national event win and $25 off for a local win. Between running our decal and getting your bill reduced for victories you can end up getting your bill reduced to nothing.

Rowan "The Robot" Parlett Wins the PDRA Top Jr. Dragster Doorslammer Nationals Winners Circle Photo

Let Us Know You Won

Must Submit Form For Credit

If you do win a race please make sure that you fill out the Winners Circle Form available in the contact section. We want to celebrate your victory with you we will share it to our social media as well. And if you want to get credit for your win and knock some money off of your yearly bill then we need to document it.

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